David Whiting and the Cat Photoshops

March 16, 2016

On February 28, 2016, David Whiting the (then) lead pastor of Northridge Church, mentioned a brief statement about cats and heaven during his sermon. My wife is a cat person, and so she and I decided felt compelled to play a little prank on David, knowing full well he would take it well.

I found several pictures of men holding cats in a studio pose, specifically looking for men who were about the same shape and size as David, as well as the most important part of keeping within David's regular fashion sense. These photos were not easy to find, particularly as I wanted them to look extremely realistic and consistent with lighting. I found two photos of David that would work, and had to flip some of the internet-found photos in order to match the lighting. One of these photos were posted to David's facebook.


The following week, March 6, 2016 he included my photo in his sermon.

I tagged David with the following photo, stating that cats love David Whiting.

Patches enjoying a sermon

The following Tuesday, he held a Facebook live event and right before that live broadcast, I released the second photo which was posted by most people in my community group.


The following week, David Whiting resigned. I was devastated and thought that I might have something to do with it, but in the end, he said he had decided this well in advance of my initial prank. So please don't blame me for that!

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